Mike Thompson WB8ERJ Satellites and Bycycles


Mike Thompson WB8ERJ hails from Mansfield Ohio and is a radio broadcast engineer. Satellites are fun and easy to work. Mike says "Here I am on Lake Erie working the A0-27 satellite running just 2 watts with an HT. Hey the way I look at it, if those guys can run around the beach with a metal detector, why can't I sit there with an antenna and work AO-27?" Mike has had an interest in the MIR space station and it's transmisssion of Slow Scan TV pictures on the frequency of 145.985 Mhz. Mike talks about amateur radio on a bycycle and how it is done. Ted tells a hilarious story about an inept radio station manager that he encountered while working for a radio group. Ted tells a great story about Ronnie Milsap WB4KCG.



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