Shortwave Radio Pioneer And Legend Alan Wiener


Have you seen the motion picture pirate radio? If you have you will love our guest Alan Wiener who has done it all. His beginnings began with bootleg broadcasting on the AM and FM broadcast band in all places but New York City. Born with radio broadcasting in his blood Alan has traveled an incredible road to where he is now. Pirate ships on the high Atlantic seas equipped with high power transmitter that were located out of the US territorial waters. The goal was to produce a broadcast facility that was free from all forms of control for the radio listener. Even though one of his ships was clearly outside of the US legal jurisdicion the ship was wrongfully raided by the United States Government and all of the staff arrested and all of their equipment along with the ship confiscated. Today Alan runs powerful International Shortwave Radio Station WBCQ in Monticello Maine. WBCQ provides the most variety in creative programming of any Shortwave facility to date. You will sit spell bound as you hear this true radio legend tell his life story.



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