Author Nancy Williams NR4RR and Steve Williams KC4AZO The Georgia Road Geek


Nancy Williams NR4RR does volunteer work with American Red Cross and other agencies. She retired from work with Tri-County Community College as an English/Creative Writing instructor in May, 2005. Since then, she has tackled a new career of sorts: writing professionally. She began a HAM RADIO mystery/sci-fi novel in 2000, which she finished in 2002. She spent the next three or four years revising the story, A Matter of Destiny, according to suggestions from several wonderful mentors. She brought out the second edition of Destiny on her own at the start of 2008. Destiny involves murder, mayhem, government coverup, and as already mentioned, ham radio and is based on a true event that occurred at Brookhaven, New York in 1992. For ordering information or a preview of my novel, please visit my website at Steve Williams KC4AZO was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has lived in the Atlanta and North Georgia area for most of his life. Steve has always had a fascination with roads, roadmaps, roadsigns, and anything else road-related. In late 1997, I discovered that there were many folks like himself who had a fondness for roads and discovered that he, too, was a "roadgeek". His first road-related website was "The Unofficial Georgia Highways Web Page", which he supported from 1997 through 2002. In October, 2005, inspired by his brother-in-law Lib's blog, Steve decided to create his own road-related blog, thus "The Georgia Road Geek" was born. In July, 2006, He purchased additional webspace on and expanded his website to include a video series called "ROADGEEK-CAM!!!", special feature pages, and the occasional podcast.



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