A Tribute to the late Bill Decker N4VMY


Recorded at Heil Sound as several of Bill's friends pay him tribute and talk abut Bill's contribution to Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio has so many diversities. One of them is designing and building your own equipment to receive and transmit signals. Bill Decker N4VMY was one of those that not only built his equipment but loved to share parts and ideas. Several years ago, Bill started thinking about building a very special AM transmitter for one of his dearest ham radio friends K0VCD Bill Dennision who lived in Springfield, Mo. Decker started collecting parts and ideas while trying to keep this project news from Dennison. When finished, Bill put it on the air one night for all to hear and then loaded it in his little red pickup truck and drove to Springfield, Mo. whereupon he unloaded it at Bill Dennison's tobacco shop where at least a dozen or more hams would gather each Saturday morning. It was a very special occasion as Bill Decker presented his home brew transmitter to Bill Dennison. About a year later Bill Decker passed away and shortly after Bill Dennison suffered a severe stroke and the transmitter never got to produce a signal. When the tobacco shop was closed and some of Bill's equipment was stored, arrangements were made to find a proper home for this transmitter built with great expertise, care and love. It was decided by some of the many friends of both Bills that it should go back very near Leitchfield, Ky where Bill Decker lived. Some of Bill's friend decided it should go to Steve Williams, KB4DMF. Not only was Steve a close friend of Bill Deckers, he gave him his Novice license test back in the mid 1980's. Steve also helped Bill find some parts and helped in the building of this transmitter which Steve never thought he would see again. This very special transmitter now resides in Steve's radio shack and is - for the first time - on the air. Just the way Bill Decker would have wanted it . Several of the 3875 kHz group met at Heil Sound on November 17, 2009 to do the transfer over to Steve. Those friends of the Bills, were Bruce W9OTN, Bob K0VCD, Cliff K9JTS , and Bob Heil, K9EID.



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