Dale E Winther W6PDL


Dale E Winther the author of a new thriller that employs ham radio to save humanity from a global tyranny.  Go to: www.thebrotherhoodofthebeast.com and read more about the story. You can buy it there in paperbook form or as a Kindle compatible PDF.  It is also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Dale received his Novice License in 1964 at the age of 16. He says it was a painful six weeks of waiting for it to come in the mail.  The day it came he quickly assembled a 15 meter dipole and put out his first CQ with a homebrew transmitter.
Listening intently with his Collins TCS war surplus receiver and a Morrow band convertor he heard his first reply.  It was WS6BR from Pago Pago American Samoa! Dale says communicating at such a distance was truly amazing.  It seemed like magic.
He was so excited by the contact.  To this day he wonders why it is so difficult to explain the thrill to younger folk.  They don't seem to comprehend the power and magic of radio.  Perhaps they are so completely saturated by current technology that they just can't stop to ponder things.  This is a shame.
He then quickly located an old Harvey Wells Bandmaster so I could work the other bands.  That little black wrinkle finish unit with the 807 tube was just terrific.  He rode my bicycle 4 miles to a crystal grinder.  They shaved some of the crsytals that were given to him to work on the novice frequencies.  He tells how it was impressive to watch the frequency changing on the nixetube display during the re-grinding.  He put them into my pocket, rode the 4 miles back home and immediately put them on the air!



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