Adventures with Christian Podcast 1


This podcast departs from the "hamĀ  radio" norm. We focus on Area 51 a subject that involves every form of electronics and communications immaginable. 4,000 acres of land 100% secured from the public via means of signs, sensors and out sourced security personel known as "Camo Dudes".These are gaurds driving white Dodge or Ford pickups designed for traveling the desert roads. The Camo dudes are heavily armed and prepared to pull their weapons on anyone who is in violation of the border or who they feel might be a threat. From the Youtube Channel, Adventures With Christian, the worlds foremost expert on Area 51. Christian lives and works near Area 51. He is able to view the skies over the base almost 24/7. His videos contain miles and miles of Area 51 as he has invested hours and hours into making these videos. Even though this is not a traditional Ham Radio podcast we know Area 51 is a huge interest due to its high tech technology involving communications and electronics.



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